Michael, the youngest of four children, moved to small town Port Colborne at the age of six with his parents, as they embarked on a dream to own their own business.  While working very hard to accomplish that goal, they taught their children what can materialise with honesty, integrity and hard work.  It all started at the Dukes Hotel where folks gathered for good times, country music and a real “Cheers” environment, “where everyone knows your name.”  In the mid 70’s, their focus changed to a new family business.  A florist and gift shop opened with Michael’s mom, and two sisters running the show.  38 years later, the Smith family is still serving the small community.

Michael worked alongside the family at any job he was asked to do, but started his own journey in his early teens by starting his chef training and reaching top status by the age of 20.  Initially training under one of the finest chefs in the Niagara region, Emil Rinderlin, at his restaurant in Welland and then spreading his wings to Bermuda and then Toronto.  While enjoying the bright lights and fast pace of the big city, Michael met and married his wife Vincenza, of 20 years, whom herself is both a culinary, pastry chef and chef instructor.  At the age of 23, the two returned to Michael’s home town to open a restaurant, “The Home of Two Chefs”, where their customers could experience a wonderful dining experience and they could both showcase their culinary talents.  Michael & Vincenza enjoyed great success in Michael’s home town being awarded business of the year and also gaining a regional reputation for constructing the largest gingerbread house around, drawing national television publicity to Port Colborne!

After the birth of their two children, Nicholas and Carlie, and seven years of success, they decided to move in a different direction.  Michael joined a local holiday resort where he quickly became immersed in the world of sales.  During this time, Michael assisted over 700 families buy and sell their dream summer homes.  During these years Michael was also fortunate to receive world class sales training from an international company also responsible for sales training for clients such as Disney and Saturn Car company.  As the years progressed,  Michael & Vincenza also were blessed with the arrival of their third child, Julia.  After 14 years of success at the local holiday resort Michael was awarded the opportunity of a lifetime to work and live abroad in the U.K.  Michael, Vincenza and their 3 children embraced the opportunity and moved to the south of England where Michael was tasked the opportunity to manage a 6000 guest resort, assisting in sales and service training.  As awesome as that was, they couldn’t help but miss family, friends and their home town of Port Colborne, so the decision was made to return home.

Michael chose to continue in the field of sales that he loved so much and pursued a career with Royal LePage Niagara Real Estate Centre, and in his opinion, Niagara’s strongest Real Estate brand, to share his talents with.  In Michael’s first year of Real Estate sales (2007) he assisted over 40 families or 5 times as many sales transactions as is expected of a first year realtor.  He was awarded top rookie, ranked himself month after month in the top ten of his co Royal LePage agents and also achieved the President’s Gold Award ranking him in the top 10% of his industry. Year two and three & four, during our economic downturn, Michael continued to see growth and has consistently earned the ranking of Directors Platinum Award ranking him in the top 5% of his industry. Finally in 2012 achieving Diamond Award status (top 3%)  in addition to be ranked in the top 10 performers of the brokerage of Niagara amongst over 400 agents!

Michael’s eight years in real estate has also given him the opportunity to purchase 6 rental properties accommodating 21 rental units.  Through his personal experience via purchasing, renovating, maintenance and dealing with landlord/tenant regulations, it has provided him with a wealth of knowledge which he is always excited to share with clients seeking to enter the investment property business.

In 2010, Michael and Vincenza achieved a personal and emotional goal with the arrival of their fourth child to their home.  A young 3 year old Haitian orphan named Jonathan, which they had been attempting to adopt for over 3 years which due to the earthquake of Haiti finally allowed for the red tape to be broken and for his arrival to finally occur.  Their story was featured in the Toronto Star and is truly a remarkable one. After 8 successful years in the business of assisting Buyers & Sellers of Niagara with their real estate needs, Michael is proud to announce the addition of his licensed assistant Carlie Smith. After acquiring great life experience working in & travelling Europe, she has chosen to follow in her father’s successful footsteps. Carlie looks forward to building the ‘Hometown Team’ side by side with her father & being an integral part of assisting the next generation of real estate consumers, one family at a time. Michael prides himself of his strong work ethic and family values and drive for success instilled in him as a young man.  Let he and Carlie  put these attributes to work for you.